Child Row Form Repeat Cycling without Saving Child Row

I have a form for table TWUAAgreements that has a total of four IsPartOf form for bridge table entries. The beginning form view is as follows:

In the child form the TWUA Ref is preset as it should be and the Permit Ref typically is either a ‘New’ entry or an existing entry:

When choosing ‘New’ in the Permit Ref Appsheet navigates to the Permit Table form as expected:

Then when clicking ‘Save’ in the Permit Table form Appsheet navigates back to the bridge table form:

Now here is where the error actually occurs. When clicking ‘Save’ on this form with the TWUA Ref and Permit Ref rather than going back to the original TWUA Table form, Appsheet navigates to the Permit Form again instead. I have not been able to consistently reproduce this error and unfortunately there are no errors in the Error Log related to this ‘Navigation?’ error.
The permit form configuration for the finish view is ‘auto’ and also for the event actions, so I am not quiet sure what the problem could be?

On the other post, I mentioned about the AUTO for form save actions as I see some odd behavior, not exactly same as yours, but strange behavior.

To fix this, before you ask support desk, why dont you test

  1. Finish view to be set to the view name you want to bring the user back after the form is saved

If 1) is not solve the poblem then

  1. Create the action, deeplink expression, to navigate back the view you wish to bring the user back after save form.

this is something like a debug process.