Child Table Image Image Selector not showing

Good morning everyone,

I have 2 tables, Main table and child Table. My Child Table just so the user can take multiple images. This table is part of the Main Table.

Last Saturday a new entry to the main table would show the child table, you could click on new/add and it would bring you to a new form.

See below, it showing the Column Description, but nothing underneath to fill in…?

Im not sure, did I toggle something that I dont know about? Or should this not be possible?

This is so Strange, I also Redid the entire reference and saved everything and Turned off apart of and turned back on etc.

Any chance that you have hidden that field?

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Does the child table and/or slice allow adds?


Guys, Obviously, it was a me thing again. I had Security Filters Set on this Table for Adds Admin only. This is the last thing I did after it was working. Ha.


Outsmarted by your own creation!

Yeah, it’s happened to me, too…



I feel like Im filling the community with junk posts lol


Nope! Keep 'em coming!