Child table not rendering in PDF / No paragraph generating

Hi everyone,

I’m having some trouble with my PDF recently. There are two issues:

This is my template.

1). When I save a file it triggers the workflow and make a PDF file. Unfortunately, the information in the last table (child table) does not appear:

But, when I make a change (no matter what) in any of the columns of the form, the information in the child table appears:

2). The other issue is that the text is running all the way as a single line and not creating paragraphs.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Thanks Steve, still it doesn’t solve my problem. I do not know enough HTML to identify the error.

Move your END tag outside of the table.

Thanks man, but is even worst as the PDF won generate now.

I did a brand new template using the “Create” button and although the field values in the child table are appearing, the long text problem persists. I’ve also cut all the “Trailing spaces” that I read on a similar article.

Two things:
Is the column in question Text or LongText? (The right answer is that it should be LongText)
Regardless of the answer to that question. Your fake data doesn’t have any spaces in it. Add some spaces and it should work.


Brilliant man, thank you so much!