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Hi, I’m new to appsheet, and find it very impressive at how easily I can compile all the required objects into an app with minimal coding. That said I need some help on the following.

My apple is to track users journeys, by initially entering departure information (user, date, time, location, fuel level, etc.), and more (similar) information upon arrival. I have split the UX into these two forms, which can be saved separately as they occur at different times. However, I need to know how to combine them (whether on one single table, or separate tables cross referenced).
I’m thinking that when the arrival button is clicked (card, bottom of screen) it gives a list of recent departures, for the user to select the relevant one, to then append the arrival information. This bit I do not know how to do, so looking for some advice. Many thanks.

Firstly read this:

And then take a look at below docs:

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many thanks for the pointers. For my Arrival form, I have now simply used a drop down menu of the values from the departure table of the key parameter (TachoStart) that links the two, so both tables can be cross referenced. However, in my attempts to do so I am using LOOKUP(), but it’s not working for me. It only ever returns the first value in the [correct] column, rather than the value from the row I’m expecting.
Looking through the community articles I’m intrigued by the following statement you made on the below thread “… LOOKUP expression always returns the first value found from the table”

[Formula LOOKUP - Questions - AppSheet Creator Community]
(Formula LOOKUP)

I would expect the below to return the StartFuel quantity from the Departure table where TachoStart column matches the value of TachoStart selected in the Arrival table. Instead it only ever returns the value from the very first row of that column, which seems very illogical to me.

LOOKUP( [TachoStart], “Departure”, “TachoStart”, “StartFuel” )

Please direct me as to where I can find out more about why this is so, and how I cross reference [i.e. look up] values from both tales to do difference calculations and the like. Many thanks

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Please try to use LOOKUP([_THISROW].[TachoStart], “Departure”, “TachoStart”, “StartFuel”)


That works much better. Thank you very much. Curiously, when I built up the the expression I could see my first input argument (i.e. [TachoStart]) return the correct value, but still failed to cross reference. This really threw me. Nevertheless, it seems to work now. Thanks a lot

With the [_THISROW], you explain for your formula to look from another table than “Departure”.