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(Simon Robinson) #1

So I’m creating an App to record what time bands are playing at a few venues. The table layout is

Bands<–>Gigs<–>Venues So Gigs has 2 Ref columns

So it works fine in that if i go into a band I can see the related gigs and the same with venues. My issue is with the column order of the Gigs Inline view. At the moment the columns are [Time] [Venue] [Band] But I’ve realised I want the details view in Bands to only show [Time] [Venue] and in venue [Time] [Band] I think to achieve this I need to have 2 seperate Inline Views (done). But I can’t see how to link them to the separate tables. Appsheet seems to default to just the same one :frowning:

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Create slices “Gigs by venue” and “Gigs by band”.

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(Simon Robinson) #3

Hi Jay

Well its obvious when you put it like that :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks for your help