Choosing a template from a value in a table

Possibly I am going about this all wrong but I am wanting to choose a template from a value in a column. Is that possible?

I would have 70+ templates for various types of Quotes depending on the product. The majority of information on the quote is already on the template, there are only about 10 variables (all having to do with the customer) that get filled in by values each time the template is used. The challenge I am running into is that I want the template to be determined by a value chosen in the app.

So if the user wants to generate a quote for Product ABC then they would navigate to product ABC in the app, click a button, get to a form to fill out the customer’s information, and upon pressing Submit the quote for ABC product with the customer’s information is emailed.

Any help with this situation would be appreciated.

You would have to create 70+ different workflow rules, each one linking to an individual template file, and with different conditions based on the column in question.

Are the templates really that different that you need so many different ones? Can you just add in more expressions to the template to handle the different kinds of data?

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Unfortunately yes completely different, also each one is approximately 30 pages long.

The other path I could take would be having the workflow/template create an attachment that is a “coversheet” for the actual quote, this would contain all the customer info and some basic info about the quote. Then have the actual quote (which wouldn’t have any variables be in the Other Attachments of the workflow, as I believe that can be determined by a formula. But then the email that would have two attachments the cover sheet and the quote, which is a bit less than ideal.