Choosing Appsheet

Evening All,

I’ve created a PWA using the goodbarber platform and I would like to move it over to Appsheet with the hope of getting it into the native appstores.

The project is a app to show where the nearest AED (defibrillator) to your location. ( the project has no commercial gain and I’m funding it out of my own pocket.

It’s a simple app really … Just three screens

  1. List nearest AED with in 8km
  2. Map of all registered AEDs
  3. Form to submit AED location

So far I’ve been using a KML but would prefer the spreadsheet capabilities. I don’t need user login. Just a good old app that’s says your here and it’s there now go save a life :rofl:

My skill set range from saving lives (full time Paramedic) to html and some SQL.

Would Appsheet work for this type of project? I have made a ver of my app in Appsheet but still learning the ropes. Hope I’ve submitted to the right discussion :smiley:


I don’t have any experience getting apps onto a native appstore but the publisher pro plan sounds right up this app’s alley How to Choose a Subscription Plan | AppSheet Help Center

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