Choosing the right plan for a small group of people within a business

I’m trying to deploy an app in my organization that will be used only in my department. According to the plan requirements tab, I’m only using features that would be included in the Core plan ($10/month). I know it’s possible to use an undeployed version indefinitely for up to 10 users but that comes with limitations and is not what we want to do.

If the app becomes useful to our company we are interested in the business plan which I know runs $30k-$60k per year plus users but we can’t justify that cost for something that isn’t proven to increase efficiency.

I’m sure other people have dealt with this, if I were to deploy an app with 3 users in my company (for now) can I get away with using the core plan until we’re ready to scale or do I need to upgrade to a business subscription from the start?

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That “Google” community account seems to be some bogus account or some person trying to disrupt the community. Please ignore it.

Actually, the intent of the 10 users are for app testing purposes and is not meant to be indefinitely. I hope it doesn’t take “forever” to build the app!! :slight_smile:

Yes, you are not required to start with an Enterprise plan or even transition to that plan later. You can use the Core plan for all long as it viable cost-wise.