Choosing the Right Plan

So I am trying to reach the sales team but no answer so far.
I want to use only one app for all the operations we do, but filter the tabs content depending their roles.
Which plan should I choose.

My team is compound of 5 including me that I will be the app creator.

How many licence and which plan is better?

If I purchase 5 licenses can I create X numbers of apps and let them access my team without any additional charge?

Hi Andres,

Based on this information, the Core plan would likely be a good fit. You’ll want to look into the Security Filters capability of the Core plan, which will ensure each user only has access to the relevant data and views based on their roles. See Limiting Users to Particular Tables, Views, and Actions | AppSheet Help Center for more information on how to achieve that.


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Thank you William. Just one more question. Should they (my team who will only work on the input data work) should be at the core plan or the could be starter?

If your team is working on the app, then they would also need Core licenses. If they are only working on the spreadsheet in the backend, then they might not need a license at all.

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