Class Roster

I would like to create a class list and a roster for these classes.

  1. Instructor Creates Class
  2. Students sign into the class - class sizes would rage from 6 to over 100 students.

The goal would be to have the class details and the student list be emailed as a PDF to the instructor who created the class.

Is this possible?

Hi @Justin_Magill
Have you had a look at this

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Yes, I currently have several workflows, based on different conditions etc.

I have classes, student registration and other specific app parts in a google sheet. Each part is in a separate tab.

The app has two separate forms:

Class Registration (for instructors)

Student registration

The classes are created and given a unique name.

Then the student selects that unique class and registers.

So now I have a list of specific classes with unique names in one sheet and a list students in another sheet that also have a column connected to that classes unique ID.

What I want is to put the classes and students together in a report that would go to the instructor who created the class initially…which I don’t think is possible.