Clean Up Browser Link

I’m looking to clean up and manage the naming convention of my app, especially how it appears to users using the browser link. I do not want it showing with the current naming convention below. I want to change the bolded names – DraftRepatriationDatabase, and RepatRecords:

Current Link Name:

I’m not looking to use bitly or rebrandly for a shorter link because when they click those link, the unwanted description still shows.

I have spent a lot of hours on the app with formulas and the like, and i do not just want to change the Worksheet Name and File Name as it may affect all the work I’ve done.

Any suggestion on how I can go about removing those descriptions from the link? Please provide some advise.


How about if you create a shortened URL. For example with

Thanks for the reply. How is this different from the or the other URL shortener. Will the end user still be able to see the original link based on your experience?


It doesn’t matter what service you choose. When you share that shortened link, they click it and then they are able to see the original address in URL.

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Unfortunately, AppSheet embeds a lot of internal details in user-visible (in the browser, at least) URLs. There’s no way to avoid that exposure.

One option is if you are able to mask the address.

I posted about needing to change the app name because it shows up in the link, I can’t find that post.

It wasn’t as difficult as I expected.

  1. Re-link each table. It would be nice to have a Lightroom type feature where you can print it to the new file and it makes all the connections if the table names aren’t changed.

I didn’t have workflows at that time but now have multiple that use the url link to get to a specific form. Those will need changing.

Remember to view the App Documentation and search to see what my reference the old name in your app definition.

If you copy the app you can change the app name.

When I do that, the data source, in my case a google sheet, gets the name of the first table in my app. So all references would need to be changed to whatever you want to change your data source to.