Clear editor search bar when clicking direct navigation links under emulator

I use the navigation links underneath the emulator A LOT.
I’d like the search bars in the editor to be cleared upon clicking one of these.

As in the above screenshot, having a restrictive search term there, when I click the link specified by the arrow, nothing happens.

Thanks for the consideration. :smiley:

Somehow, I am not able to vote for more. Have used all of them and only get this: image
Consider this as one vote.

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@Heru Can’t have it all :wink:

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Yes, we should be clearing out the filter when you click on the emulator link. I have a change doing out soon (likely tomorrow evening) that will do exactly this.

Thanks for the feedback! :slight_smile:


Excellent, thanks!

@Marc_Dillon I use that feature as well but never connected why it worked some times and didn’t work other times. Thanks for tracking it down.

It also happens when you click on See Definition to go from a UX view to a Table or Slice.

And, is the fix out yet? I don’t have it yet.

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