Click Table View row item, but do nothing (not open the detail view)

Using “Matt’s modal” tips and trick, “Group Action” with no attached exaction, which basically do nothing even action is fired.

The use case should be quite rare, not much use case, but if we really want not to do anything on the table view once the user select table view row item, i.e, disable default aciton to open the detail view for the selected item and keep the table view stay inactive.

Stick is super simple. Refer to Matt’s tricks, create action, grouped action, but select NIL action, and leave the confirmation message beinng turned off.
This is basically kinda of “Scilent Action”, do exactly nothing.

On your target view like Table (Or any other type of view you want, for “Row selected” action, pick up this scilent action.

By doing so, nothing is going to happen when the user click the item on the table.


Another way to make this trick work, is to use the

"Data: set the values of some columns in this row" action

to set a column’s value to itself.

This doesn’t cause anything to happen in the app, but it DOES cause the action to fire off - you can use this then to show a message, or to do nothing.

Having nothing happen when a user interacts with something is never a good design principle

In general, whenever a user interacts with your app there should be some sort of response in the app - letting that user know that something indeed has happened. Even if the thing that happens is a message appearing saying, “You cannot do X” or some other explanation giving the user information about WHY they can’t do what they’re wanting to do, having some sort of response is typically a good idea.

Here’s a good article for more tips on UX design

What I’ve taken to doing lately is to create a composite action (a group of actions) and include in that stack conditional navigation actions - so depending on WHERE a user taps on the table a certain action fires off.

This gives you the ability for having nothing to happen, navigating to another record, running some background updates, etc. - all based on the context() or other criteria of the record being tapped on.


Thanks for your input.

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Feedback echoes what we learned in high school Physics: for every action there should be a reaction :joy: (Quote from the article @MultiTech_Visions posted)

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