Clickable #hashtags to a filtered view

It would be awesome, if we could start getting a little dynamic with text/longtext When viewing a detail record it would be great if we could see the #whatever in a hyperlink color, and when we tap it, we get taken to the filtered search of that hashtag.

Have you thought to use Assigned inline action for that purpose?

I can see @Grant_Stead 's point. I do use Inline Actions frequently. They take extra implementation and screen real estate. (I like dedicated columns for some actions so I can still show the column text ).

While I would still have Inline Actions for some things, having hyper-text links would be a great addition to the apps.

Consider a Table view with a list of Orders. Each order has a REF to Customer, Technician and Job Site. Attaching an Inline Action to these columns replaces the text with the icon. Or you have to create a dedicated column for the Action which takes up precious screen real estate.

It would be awesome if the text for these columns, when tapped in the table, could take you straight to the detail info of those entities. As it is now, I would have to go to the Detail view of the Order first and then I can go to the desired entity’s detail view.

Yeah, it’s just more inline of applying a view and structure that people are getting acustomed to. what happens in the community app here when you type @WillowMobileSystems or when you type #requests

The key is to try and make things easy for the user, and even easier for the app dev…

I’ve played with inline quite a bit, and also I’ve been playing with the EXTRACT() expressions quite a bit.