Clickable Image with Hyperlink in PDF

In Google Doc Template we cannot apply a Hyperlink to an Image. I mean - we can. But when you create a PDF with that Google Doc Template, the Link will be gone.
You can use Clickable Images in the Email Body by using HTML.
But when you need it in a PDF, there is no simple way to do it.

I found a workaround how to create a PDF with a clickable Image (Hyperlink).

Please have a look at this Google Doc Template.
What I have done is:

  • Create a 1x1 Table
  • Set the Table Border to white and 0 pt
  • Set the Cell padding to 0
  • The Column width should be a little bit more than the image width
  • Enter a line with dots. (It could also be any other character.)
    Attention: It has to contain Spaces between the Characters, so that it can do the Line-Break.
  • Enter as many dots to get a second Line.
  • Put the Image at the End of the second Line.
  • Click on the Image and choose “Wrap text” and 0" margin.
  • Click 3 times on the dots to mark the whole cell.
  • Right click on the dots and choose “Link”
  • Enter your URL and Apply.
  • Mark the whole cell again and change the Text color to White.

Here is the result PDF

What happend?
The whole Table Cell became a clickable Link.

Google will change the Link to a Redirected Link when exported to PDF as described here.
That’s why you will get this message when clicking on the Image.
Perhaps anyone knows a workaround to solve this?

Hope this Tip is useful to some of you.


This is a security measure to prevent the user to be automatically redirected to a pseudo or fraud URL


This is a very interesting and useful Work around. I have been wanting clickable Icons in my Workflow email & PDF. Thank you Mr Fabian!