Clickable image

When in the detail view of an individual record I want to have various social media clickable links. Ideally an image. So when you click on a Facebook logo it takes you to that persons facebook page. Is this possible?

I believe that’s not possible. However I believe there can be a workaround with setting a quick-edit enabled ENUM field values with image names i.e. facebook.png, twitter.png etc. Create an action of External: go to a website with conditional rule based on the value of this ENUM and assigning this action as a Form Saved action of that detail view’s table. Haven’t tried this before, as I’m not so sure about is a form saved action can be triggered with quick-edit field. However, worth trying :slight_smile:

Hi! I came across this because I was considering how to use an ENUM to trigger a navigation action and this post came up in my search. I haven’t gone to the trouble to test your idea out, @LeventK, but my guess would be that the Form Saved action probably won’t work with a quick-edit field. The reason I think this is that I’m using multiple Form Saved actions in my app, sometimes more than one form for the same set of data. Instead of using only the default edit action, I make my own edit action (an action that navigates to the appropriate form and displays an edit icon) to go to the form I want. When the form gets opened and then saved by the user, the Form Saved action attached to that particular form gets triggered. But, if the particular form that contains the Form Saved action is not actually opened, the action doesn’t get triggered. For this reason, I suspect that a quick edit field, which does not have a clear connection to a specific form, cannot trigger a Form Saved action. Instead, I am planning to use a grouped action to do the work of the ENUM and then navigate to the appropriate view.

Of course, if anyone ever figures out how to actually connect an enum to a navigation action, I’ll be interested to know how it can be done.