Client Hub

Hello people, I have a service business that involves providing project specifications, and a contract to a customer before the commencement of every job.

I have always used paper for this, however, was wondering whether appsheet would be useful in making this process slightly more automated and quickly accessible by both the client and our staff.

Can anyone suggest whether an app would be suitable to remove the paperwork involved and whether an app could be useful for something like this? I know appsheet allows for signing which would be an important part of the contract, and I realise clients would require access to the app.

But my question is, could anyone see this being possible? Or has anyone created a client portal/hub that is effective and efficient?

In the abstract, this is definitely possible! To what degree have you jumped into the platform directly? At a bare minimum, you will want to ensure that your trading partners can only see “their data” using security filters:

And in general there are interesting patterns that you can learn about here:

AppSheet workflows can generate PDF’s directly from your data: and

Hopefully this is a good start.