Client Portals? Pricing?

I run a music school that does one-on-one lessons and need portals for our student parents / students to see there billing info, calendar, and specific notes from their specific teacher. Hopefully we don’t have to pay the user price becuase that wouldn’t be feasible. Is there pricing for a bulk of client portal profiles? For example $20/month for 500 client portals.

We have a Publisher Pro plan for that which is $50 per app per month with unlimited number of users. Provided there won’t be any data recording from app users (I mean the intention is for explicitly viewing/presenting data only), you can use UserSettings feature so that your back-end data can be sliced as per user. Think it like a PIN to enter the app. It’s a one-time setting for a mobile device by the user and it’s a device specific setting. The user won’t need to enter it again. However, provided you expect the users to enter data into the app, than this can’t be done.

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That sounds perfect. The student parent just needs to view art this time. Thank you

You’re welcome

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Hi @Robert_St_John

How did you ever get on with this? I’m also considering creating a client portal for a service business that I run.

Thinking clients may need access to edit data on my app though.

Did you have to make the app white listed on put it on app store?