Clock in problem

As we know, we can clock in our time directly by refering ‘Time Clock’. But i found that we can clock in more than one times at the same times. For example, i clock in at 9.00am, and i havent clock out yet, then, i still can clock in at 9.01am. Means that i can clock in many times at the same time. How can i solve it?

HI @Warren_Wong

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I assume you are talking about the Timesheet Tracker Sample App ?

If so, you have to keep in mind that the “Clock In” View is a form view type.
You may want not to display that view with a show_if condition, if one has been clocked in yet.

For example:

          ISBLANK([Date/Time Out])

Here, what I literally achieve this way is:

  1. filter timeSheet Table, where it’s my email and I did not clock out yet
  2. check if the result list is empty

Then, if it’s empty, that means: “I did not clock in yet, so it’s OK to clock in now”.
And then, it’s OK to allow the user to see that view.

You will want to use this expression here:

Please see also:

Let us know if that works for you !