Clone a table including all app settings

I think this is possible but not entirely sure.

A way to clone (copy) a table with all app settings (show_if, valid_if, initial value etc.) One use case is to restructure the data in a Premium or Pro account while an app is being used.

Consider the simple case of splitting a single table structure into a parent/child table structure. Currently, we have to copy the whole app, make changes and then ask all users to switch to the new app.

If we can copy an existing table (the parent table) and add a child table, developers can build new views without affecting the users. After the new features are added and tested, if we can have a way to update all links to the old table to the new table and delete the old table, it would be a great efficiency boost.

I am sure there are more use cases that we can come up with so comments and votes are welcome.

Thanks for considering.

I think there is also a lot to be said for copying tables form one App to another. A lot of the Apps I do are kinda similar. So being able to do this would save cutting and pasting formulas & column types etc.

Now importing an entire table is definately going to kill the App with a million errors. So maybe add a toggle to each table so we can select either Dev or Live?

Absolutely agree, Simon.