Cloud Oracle error: ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

Hi guys,

So I have an app connected to an Oracle db in AWS. Everything had been working fine, I didn’t keep working in the app for a couple of months and now that I retorned I am getting this error only when trying to update any record:

the weird part is that when adding or deleting all works fine.
I also tried in other tables but I am receiving the same issue.

after make some additional test: I created a completed new app, with only 1 table from Oracle in AWS, and getting the same issue… seems to be something in Oracle side, but not sure why, all operations are done from AppSheet side, there is none storeProcedure/Trigger running on Oracle side.

I also have been updating records directly in the database and works fine, so the issue seems to be in AppSheet platform…

Please contact directly regarding the issue.


Hi there, If you haven’t reached out to Appsheet support then @Govardhan_Mucharla can help taking a quick look at your app.


Hi @LeventK and @Harsh_Ch

I have sent an email to the support team, I will keep you posted in this topic to see how to solve it.

Thanks both!


You’re welcome

Hi everyone,

Just informing that the issue was already fixed by the AppSheet Dev team, seems to be that it was something internally. But now all CRUD operations with Oracle database are working like a charm.