Cloud vs On Premise Database

I was wondering if there is any benefit/trade off in terms of performance of using an on-premise database vs a cloud database. Only talking in terms of raw app sync performance, the trade off of redundancy, less initial cost, etc of cloud vs your own server are excluded from this question.
Of note this would be a MySQL AWS RDS instance vs a SQL on premise database. We currently hold both of these servers for use outside of Appsheet already.

The answer to your question is: “it depends”…
It depends on your ISP, internet speed, your SQL server structure, hardware & software, as you need to put your SQL server behind a firewall it depends on your Firewall software, firewall redundancy, firewall performance, firewall speed, firewall CPU, it depends on your clustering, BiOS setup, HDD/SDD choice, their performance etc.etc. The list can extend to infinity…
And the biggest cost will be the maintenance of these servers and some pretty damn well DB admins. So rather than the direct costs, indirect costs will be much higher.

Totally dependent on the data amount processed, outsourcing a work is (not always but) in general 80% cheaper than doing/running the work by yourself.

IMHO, regarding the cost, usability, profitability and effectiveness, Cloud SQL is a better choice with respect to on-premises SQL.