Collaboration work


I would like to share tasks with my colleague to create an APPSHEET.
as we will work in a separate way, is it possible to assemble all result together in one APP.

that means that everyone is gonna work a specific task, after that we will assemble everything in one APP.

Thank you in advance

The best way to collaborate on one app is to add your coworker as a co-author. That way, you can both work on your respective parts of the app.

Alternatively, while you can’t “merge” two apps into one, you can each create separate apps, and link to each other’s apps for different functions if necessary.

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OK i see

Thank you !

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Note carefully that only one co-author should be working on the app at a time. If two are working on an app simultaneously, whomever saves their changes first will cause the loss of the unsaved changes made by the other. Careful coordination is critical!

Also note that AppSheet is not modular: you cannot develop a feature in a copy of an app and easily merge that feature into the main app. You must re-implement the feature in the main app.


“Appsheet is not modular”…

That is so tragic… I am dying for reusable components and some sort of way of copying them…


@aucforum Could you say a little bit more about the kinds of components you want to reuse, or maybe give a few examples? Sounds interesting.

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I’m also curious what this means to you @aucforum. Because the only “modular” thing I can think of personally would be the custom functions (just made up of other regular AppSheet functions) for simplifying complex expressions used often - which already has a feature request and some votes. So, ye, I’m curious.

I need to write a essay or specification me thinks. I considered doing it over 2 years ago… It needs another (long) thread on its own. I might spoil part of my Saturday writing it…

@aucforum haha, please don’t spoil your weekend, just a few sentences about what you have in mind if it’s convenient for you.

My brain dump is done. I am off for Saturday lunch.


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