Collapsible Icons overlay

I wish to have collapsible overlay icon/actions

For the moment, we are able to set the overlay actions but max 4 icons as far as I m correct, which looks like this.

It is understandable somewhat Appsheet put this restriction max 4 otherwise it may disrupt use of app where bunch of icons will start to dominating the space of app views.
but sometime, we need the number of action icons more than 4.

To introduce better UI/UX, I request new feature of so called Collapsible Icons overlay, although I dont know how it is called in the UI academically…
This is from my company website with mobile view/mode.


Great idea! The example from your site looks awesome.

@morgan, if this gets approved, could we also get a fix for the lack of Formatting Rules on Overlay Actions? There are quite a few related feature requests and bug posts. Thanks! :smiley:


Implementing the similar UI/UX using Appsheet show/hide toggle action and showIf constrain.
Yes, it is “similar” but there is no way to add “label name” beside icons etc., background color stay unchanged, icon clour is not able to be formated. Different UI setting at the end, I would say.


Nice! You should post that in the Tips & Tricks!


Sure, will do, and make a public sample as well.

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Great work showing a much needed UI enhancement for Appsheet! Overlay icons would be so useful if they had these features and the ability to add custom overlay to more views. Even being able to label them would be an improvement.

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