Collapsible Views in Dashboard (Instead of Tabs)

On mobile, Dashboards will stack all the views into one tall view by default:

And Use tabs in mobile view will display each view name across the top as its own tab.

This feature request is for a 3rd option to allow Collapsible Views:

This way you could see the full list of Views in a Dashboard, with each reduced to just a Title, and maybe default action for that view.

Here’s a UI example from another app:

I love how users can each arrange their own dashboard, and they can already resize views. This would just be a ‘shortcut’ to resize the view to a preset minimum height that only shows the Title.

Thanks for considering! :smiley: And THANK YOU to the UI team for the new color picker and theme color in the menu bar!!

Great Idea!

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Great idea and goes along with the feature request for tabs in dashboard view for more than just mobile devices. I really hope Appsheet listens to these UI ideas. Card view was nice but limited and I hardly use it in my apps because it can’t be a filtered view. This meanwhile allows for what card view should have been. A much more robust way to present a lot of data/actions/options.

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Thats great!

I also think would be nice to have collapsible related records on Parent’s detail view (for the same reason above).