Collapsing text box issue in form

Here’s a screenshot that illustrates an issue I experience fairly regularly:

The text is in Japanese but the issue has nothing to do with language. What has happened is that the “Definition and example” text box has collapsed to a single line, even though I have many lines of text in it.

My question is Have any of you experienced something like this? I’ve experienced it both on my phone (iPhone) and on my computer’s browser.

Some possible factors:

  1. The text is not just a few lines but many lines. Actually, now that I think of it, I’ve noticed something similar on the editing interface. If an expression is quite long and complicated, and if I’m using Safari, the expression text box can also collapse to a single line in this way in the app editor too.

  2. I have temporarily navigated away from the text box. If I save the record and reopen it, all is well. If, however, I’m in the middle of the editing process and I navigate to another app or to another browser page to check something, I seem to encounter this more often.

I haven’t yet figured out a reliable way to make this happen. First, I thought I’d ask if others have experienced too.

It’s particularly important in my app where users need to work with longer passages of text. It may not come up in apps that don’t require much long text.


Just to confirm, Definition and example is of type LongText?

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Thanks for reminding me about this point. I had checked it but neglected to mention it. Yes, LongText:

Screen Shot 2021-05-09 at 09.13.19

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I’d call that a bug, then Please contact for help with this.

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OK. Thanks. I will do that. I’m a little surprised others haven’t encountered it, but maybe my usage involves editing longer text more often that most other creators.

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