Collect data based on a reference data without changing the values onbthe refeeence file

I have an excel data of barcodes with corresponding names. I want to scan those barcodes that are available at the moment. Not all of the barcodes in excel are available at a certain time. Now, I want to collect the barcodes available at the moment in ANOTHER EXCEL. I don’t want to sync it with my FIRST EXCEL because it is my reference. How can I do that? I’m still a newbie in this platform. I need help.

Hi @Rachel_Anne it sounds like you need to set up a reference table in excel for your second set of barcodes. Here’s a link to a sample app where you can review how the spreadsheets were structured to reference each other. Another article that may be helpful for you is references between tables.

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Thank you so much for responding.

Thank you so much for responding. By the way, something wrong happened with my collected data (Second Excel) from a dereference data (First Excel). It won’t save. What do you think is wrong?

Hi @Rachel_Anne Is the issue that the information that you’re entering into your application is not syncing with your data sources or is it that information in your data sources are not visible in your application?

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Oh thank you so much. I already figured it out. My file has a different FileName that’s why it did not sync.

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