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Can anyone confirm the full list of colors available for the Color column type? The help says 6, but BLACK works (which makes 7). Was wishing I could use Grey, but it does not seem to work. Is this column type really limited to 7 choices? Is it possible to use other colors or even HEX? Just wondering why limited to 7 standard colors?

Color: color code entries in your app with a subset of 6 standard colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Orange,Purple, and Blue.

I don’t know the answer to this but your question reminded me of another issue I’ve noticed recently – the relatively sparse choice of colors in format rules. Most of the colors don’t look very good with text so I basically stick with black, blue, and red. It we could define our own colors, however, that would be great.

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@Kirk_Masden You can specify your own colors with the format rule if you type it like #ABABAB


@Mike We have 8 colors. Black, White (which is shown as light grey), Green, Blue, Purple, Red, Orange and Yellow

Thanks @Aleksi! “White” shows as grey?? Will have to try that …
I wonder if someone can update the documentation to reflect all 8 colors (not the 6 listed)?

@Steve - not your help article but can you update to reflect the 8 color choices?

Well… using “white” for grey sounded like and option… but the alternating grey bars in the table view (which I like) ruined that! Guess it’s back to Black!

  • still wondering why the COLOR column type only supports 8 colors and does not allow hex color choices. Great that standard colors might be used - but this limited set hurts the is usefullness.
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Thanks Steve!

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White (which is shown as light gray) is not showing on the calendar, it needs to be fixed, thanks.