Color format in PDF

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Is there a way to format the color of a value in the PDF workflow of that value is equal to…“x”?

Hey @SABIO_Soporte! I’m not sure if there is a way, but what exactly are you trying to control the color of?

Eg: If a value in a [column]=0, then add a value in the PDF in red colour.

Hi @Peter and @SABIO_Soporte,

Please explore, if below helps. I am giving below the approach that was originally given by @Aleksi in response to a post last year. I am just giving it below with an example and associated screenshots.

Please have an expression like below in the workflow template. The entire conditional part needs to be in a color that you wish to appear in the report based on the condition.

Workflow Template Image:

PDF Result 1 Image: When One condition is satisfied

PDF Result 2 Image: When One condition is satisfied

Hope this helps.


Thanks @Suvrutt_Gurjar!

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Hello , I am just working with a pdf. I need to get the real color instead of the word “Red”, or “Green”.

Is there a way to insert the real color, some function like <<TEX(value, format"Color")>> ?, so the color shows and not the word…