Colour Theme Changes

Has appsheet removed the solid colour themes from selection e.g. Purple, Green, NavyBlue etc?

I created a new app and only see the White or Dark colour themes.


Hi @Sarah_Keown! We did in fact recently release an update in which new applications have access to either light or dark themes. It’s one of the ways we’re trying to improve the UX experience for app creators such as yourself.

Thank you for your response; I brought it up on the forum because I have mutlipe Ordering Apps used on multiple building sites, there is now an inconsistency across these apps because newly created apps will not have the same theme.


Hi @Sarah_Keown This color scheme change is temporary. We’re currently working on many of the branding features and are hoping to have the previous color scheme ability available again in the coming weeks.


Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:

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