ColType Entry could not be found

Does anyone have experience with this error? I have randomly gotten it before but only once every month or 2.

I would guess you removed a column from the table being updated, but that the user’s copy of the app hadn’t synced since and wasn’t aware the column was removed.

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I have no touched this app in a few months now. It’s currently live and not being developed. The user is syncing and making other changes all the time in the same tables.

Seems very odd but I regenerated the table and it now has 71 columns. I believe this would have to do with an outside process we have running on top of our database added a column. It is one that is deleted in my testing database which is what we use for development of our app as well as for upgrading the live version when we make such column changes.

Today I got this same error again. 7 minutes later the same user in the same app same action had a success. I did notice that this error has occurred with the same key but once with 70 columns and a second time with 71 columns. I have tried regenerating the tables but the column count stayed the same.

Try deleting all unused columns from the spreadsheet, leaving only the spreadsheet columns used by the app.

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