Column Action Buttons in Table

I would like to see a convenient option for not showing the (system) action buttons (phone,email) for columns in a table view. I’m having to create virtual columns which clones the data, sans an attached action button. This creates duplicate columns and more organization that needs to be tended to. An alternative would be to have an action show_if condition. Currently the show_if condition also prevents the data from being viewed in the table.

Already available. It just looks a bit different for Actions. If you never want it to show just put FALSE in there.

You can also set the prominence to ‘Do not display’ if you never want they actions to show:

If you want the actions to be hidden in table view but shown elsewhere, then you would do as @Bahbus said but use a formula like CONTEX(“ViewType”)<>“Table”

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Utilizing the Behavior condition, the column value does not appear in a table view when (context(ViewType)=“detail”) is set with Display Inline.
It seems that the behavior condition affects the value, not the action button.

I am still having to clone the column, one which displays the column value and another dedicated to the action button display.