Column add error / Column count miss match

I have a problem that I have reached out to the support line to, but they assure me that it is not possible.

I have an app that is relatively simple. All it does is records purchases made by users based on data they input. It has 33 columns in google sheet. Occasionally once or twice a week either the app or the Googlesheet adds +1 column, (34 columns). I just don’t know what’s going on. Has anyone encountered this, or know of a fix?

Even if there is a single cell with a single character in an unused column (not just on the first row), then Appsheet tries to pick this up as a new column, which will break the app.

I make it a point to always physically delete all extraneous columns from my sheets to prevent any user that may have access to the sheet itself from messing it up this way.

Who all has edit access to your sheets?

I also suggest using GSheets version history to check for any such circumstances if you can’t figure out why it happened. You can even check a single cell’s history by right clicking on it.



I think I found the issue. I had one user somehow using an older version. Thanks for the help.

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