Column Header / Display Name Is Shown in Detail View Even When There Is No Data

I have noticed that for some reason my column headers are showing in detail view even if there is no data in that relevant column of that row.

Interesting enough this only seems to be the case when there is a expression in Show_IF however hidden when there is no expression in the Show_IF (which is what I thought was the normal rule)

Is my Show_IF expression incorrect and causing the issue?
`CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “form”

So what I highlighted in yellow is the header that I expected to be hidden since there is no data and I also do not have quick edit on for those columns.

Notice that [Task Due Date] is however not showing a header on the detail view and that it is the only column that does not have a Show_IF expression and no data

Any ideas what I might be missing here.

Hi, you probably have set the option UX > Options > Apply show-if constraints universally as ON. Try to change it to OFF.

AppSheet only hides blank columns in detail views if there is no Show? expression or if the Show? expression produces a blank value. If the Show? expression produces a value, AppSheet will behave accordingly.

For instance, if the expression produces FALSE, the column will not be shown. If the expression produces TRUE, the column will be shown–even if the value is blank! If the expression produces no value, the column will be shown only if the value is not blank.

To show the column if not blank but hide if blank, you need to either work that logic into your expression:

AND(ISNOTBLANK([_THIS]), (CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “form"))

or produce a result only when you want to force the show or hide:

IFS((CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “form"), TRUE)

Since your intent is to hide the columns in form views, you might consider using a slice that omits the columns instead.