Column header in table view not showing un color type column

Hey there!
I had some color type columns with Red, Yellow and Green colors.
The thing is that when I create a table view, the column header for thouse columns are not showing in the UX table view.
How can I change that, so I can see from what column belongs each color in the row?
Also the Enable QuickEdit (beta) is ON and when I try to change a color, is not showing the options when I click the edit action in the table view.

I believe this is natural behavior, there is no workaround to show column name on the table view for color type column.
It is same story for YES\NO type column as well.

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Anyone know a workaround for this yes?

Im starting to use colors more and more and having a bunch side by side to show status etc, but headers would nice nice… or Evan Tool text tips of something when hovering.