Column Name Maps

Renaming columns can be a disaster especially when those columns are tied in to workflows, actions, expressions e.t.c. A prime example is changing your data source from Google Sheets to SQL. If you had title case headers in your sheets you need to change to snake case for SQL, however, when you do that, it involves renaming every instance of that column name, manually, anywhere it exists.

It’d be great if every instance of a column name, whether in formatting rules, action expressions, workflows e.t.c. were mapped back to the column’s name so that when a column name is changed, the name change is carried out throughout the app.

As an example, let’s say I have an expression like "ISNOTBLANK([MY COLUMN]).

if I rename MY COLUMN to my_column, the app should automatically update the expression above to “ISNOTBLANK([my_column])”

This would make the app creator’s job a lot easier and would lead to fewer broken apps which can be a pain for users and lead to other errors.