Column Names best practices (different languages)

As My language is Spanish I am concerned about facing a problem in the future of the App development if I don´t consider the best practices for column names in the “Data Source” or spaces.
Can I noun a column like this:
“Número de serie”
“# de serie”
“Numero de serie”

It is easier to use regular spelling.
Thanks very much

AppSheet generally doesn’t care about the language you use, so you’re welcome to name them as you see fit for your needs. Many participants here in the community routinely use non-English table and column names.

If you don’t use English:

  • AppSheet may not be able to guess the data type of newly-added columns, so you may have to adjust the column types when adding new columns. It’s a good idea to review the data types AppSheet chooses anyway, and this will only affect you when adding new columns.

  • Several of the EXTRACT…() functions for use in expressions expect US-style conventions, and may not work reliably for data in languages other than English.

  • The two-argument form of the TEXT() function produces English output suited for the US.


everything Steve said. Also, if your goal is to eventually run your app against a SQL database as opposed to excel or Google sheets, I recommend not using characters like #, ', &, % etc. And even attempt to avoid spaces in your column names. This is not a hard requirement but rather a suggestion. Personally, I am a fan of CamelCase field names like AccountFirstName or BuyerLastKnownAddress. You can then use Appsheet’s “display name” override in the column grid editor.


Thanks very much, I really apreciate the answer.
This is what I was looking for.
I will try to go CamelCase, YouNeverKnowHowSuccesfulYourAppCanBe.

Thanks to Both of you TyAlevizos and Steve.

Best reagards

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Further, the assistant currently uses the column headers and hard coded text based column display names. Also, I typically stay away from camel case and anything other then underscores. I also try and be descriptive, and not overuse abbreviations.

PostgreSQL for example prefers lowercase… Or you have to quote everything.

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Thanks very much.
Is there a best pracitices Manual (App)?

As a developer and AppSheet Partner; our thumb of rule is to leave the column headers as easy as possible i.e. sh1col1 and then to construct a table for Column Display Names and read the values with a LOOKUP(…) expression. This is also a very effective way if you’re building a multi-language app.


Wow and super Wow, this is a beautiful and smart solution, excellent.
Thanks very much