Column names changing when regenerating colum...

(Craig Clancy) #1

Column names changing when regenerating columns?

I am developing a meeting form which means the column names in my G/sheet are abbreviated but the column names in my Column definition are long questions. If I need to add a column and then re-generate the column definition, all the columns names in the column definition revert back to the column names in the G/Sheet - this is very frustrating. What do I need to do to ensure the names don’t change in my form when re-generating. Many Tx Cheers Craig

(James W Rezin) #2

You should use Display name for the Questions and Leave the column names as they are in the sheet.

(Craig Clancy) #3

Thank you for your reply JW R.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Or… you could use the original column name as it is and then use option called “Description” to show it with different text when filling the form.

(Craig Clancy) #5

Thank you