Column not show up in new action (behavior tab)

Hi all, I’ve been added some rows in the table and then regenerated it . But It show error on 2 actions buttons “Pass” and “Fail” in the column Status (Enum) ( before it work perfect). So I deleted that 2 actions buttons and remake it . The problem is I dont see the column status anymore in the tab new action, while it still show up in the data table .


Sounds like you might be using a slice. When you add a new column, with a slice, these will end up at the bottom of a form.

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Please post some screenshots demonstrating the unwanted behavior.

It not a slice though It’s a full data table . I just have only once slice from table Users.

Here is the column status in the BSC revised Table

When I try to make a action button base on that column, it’s just not show up

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A column will not be available to choose if any of these are true:

  • The column is of type Show.

  • The column is a virtual column.

  • The column has an App formula expression.

  • The column’s Editable? option is set to OFF.

  • The column has a Spreadsheet formula configured.

Are any of these true?

Hi Steve, when I changed the column ''status" to editable, the app show this problem

But there have no sheet formula on that column. I even tried copied , paste value that same column to make sure there have no unwanted formula there.

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I Just tried If anything go wrong the spread sheet, So I made another app used same spread sheet as above, and the column "status " now can show up on action button list, it dont contain any formula .

Thank you so much Steve ! That’s the problem

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