Column not showing in Appsheet

I have added a column Supplier to a table in Excel (OneDrive). The new column does not show in Appsheet editor. I attach two screenshots. I have synch’ed the app and also Regenerated structure.
Any help much appreciated.

Please first check that the spreadsheet what you are using with the app is absolutely correct.

What do you mean by absolutely correct?

I mean if you are adding the column in another (copied) spreadsheet and that’s why the regenerating itself wont work.


Quite correct. I had two versions of the excel table. I have now cleaned up and all is well. Many thanks.

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Out of interest, when duplicating an App, typically to experiment with expressions or UX, is it best practice to create copy data or not?

Thanks again


If the data is live and in use by other users, best to copy the data for testing.

In generally it depends if you are creating an additional app but want to use the same source for both apps, then you should use the same without copying… though if you take a copy, you can always change the source afterwards.