Column not showing in list view, but shows up when list item is selected in detailed view

So I have two tables that do the exact same thing, they both have the same exact formulas and column names. Just the data and table name are different. But when I got to a view that displays these tables as a list, Table A shows everything in the list but Table B is missing the label column on the list view. Only when an item in the list for the specified table is selected, goes into a more detailed view, then it shows the missing column. So the issue is that a virtual column (With the exact same formula, all column name/types are the same, all columns are set to show except row number), is not being displayed at all in list view but is displayed in the detailed view. The steps I’ve taken have been:

  • Deleted the table and recreated the table, twice
  • Expanded the app simulator, to make sure the missing column wasn’t hidden
  • Played with different column types

Please post screenshots demonstrating both the desired and non-desired behavior.

This what it should look like

This is what it actually looks like

The columns displayed in an “inline” view like these are controlled by a view configuration in UX >> Views. Compare the inline views for the two tables.

Yep, that was it. The view wasn’t properly made for one of the tables

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