Column not showing

Hi, I have an issue where columns that do existe in AirTable do not seem to existe in appsheet.
The table hasn’t been modified after creation of the app, that is not the issue, but appsheet created only 43 columns out of 47.
Anyone had the same issue ?

3 suggestions

1 = Regenerate columns
2 = Make sure no columns have same name
3 = If your using a Slice then sometimes new columns are not automatically included in that slice


Thank you, but nothing to do with all that, unfortunatly

In the app editor, go to Data >> Tables and click on View Source for the table. Are you taken to the same spreadsheet?

Hi, have you checked that the column is not empty ? At least one line should be complete with value on it so that Appsheet can analyse correctly

Well tank you, the column wasn’t empy, but the first row was.