Column Order ; Add all and/or remainders

There are few places where we are able to change the order of column to display in various type of views, such as table, deck, form, detail etc.

Typically, we select the column which we want to be displayed at the first, second, third, etc in the serquential manner. Then we add “**all ohter columns” so that we make sure that the rest of un-selected column are displayed after that.

However, in case the number of the column is long enough, we need to pick up the column one by one, untile we wish to change the order explicitely and arbitrary, which operation is pain in the ass.

Currently we don t have option to display all the column in ro the “column order” section. I wish to have option to display all the column and/or un-selected column by default order, and then move the target column around, up or down to get the desired “order”.

Then we see the exact name of each column in default order, then play around the sequence , order to fit our demands.

Even option “to display alll the column in default order” kinds of option is helpful.
Once we select this option, we will see all the listed column in the Column Order section. Then we can play and move around each column up and down to fit our unique needs.