Column order in Forms

My spreadsheet has the columns in the correct order. However I have about 10 columns in the middle that have a ShowIf dependency based on one of the early columns value. When I select the value in the early column the 10 columns appear but they show at the bottom of the form, not in their spreadsheet column order.

I could try using a slice view but the columns are already in the correct order I want them to appear. Thanks in advance for your help!

There’s a new feature that allows setting column order in individual forms, wooo!!

I’ve never encountered your described issue, and have used many such similarly-structured forms.

I couldn’t find Column Order in the Form view. However, I did manage to use Slices to arrange the columns the way I need them. I like this option since it’s a drag and drop process and makes rearranging pretty easy.


That still hasn’t appeared in my editor yet. I am looking forward to it. I have SOOO many slices simply to control column order and to hide certain columns.

Yah, it is actually only on my own account, which I don’t use for any actual projects, not any other accounts. Just twiddling my thumbs…

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I dont have it yet either. Hopefully its coming soon.