Column order in related views


I’m working on an app with several related tables linked to a main table. And i do not understand how to chose which column i want to see in the “related views”. Sorry for my bad explanation ; here is a screenshot

For example in “related varietes” I do not want to see “key” " or “parcelle” columns…
i tried to change the label column of the related tables but it does not work ; i cannot understand how the app choses which column to show here

Than you for your help !!

In UX->Views, make sure you select “Show system views” at the bottom, and then look for the “Varieties_Inline” view. That is where you can define a column order for that inline (“related”) view.


Okkaaaayy i’v never seen this !!! :sweat_smile: Thank you vey much :slight_smile:

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