Column Title not visible for check box columns

I am new to appview and I am evaluating to develop some apps.
I liked so far. I have a question on Column Headers in my form.
As you see in the screenshot, the data appears beautifully - I want check boxes for easy edit.
But the field headings are not appearing.

Please help.

Unfortunately there is no way to have both - as of right now.

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Thank you. Without that the screen is meaningless. Is it possible to any text box in that place?

Actually there is a way. If you have the new custom Y/N labels rolled out to your account (I believe that should be coming to everyone real soon if not already).


All you have to do is specify a custom label. Any will do, even if it is just the basic “Y” and “N” that was already there.


Check this thread more info related to this new feature

Big disclaimer though, I can’t guarantee that this isn’t just a bug, and might change in the future.


Thank you. Works beautifully. Also is there a way to have the column name as custom. For example Instead of full column name “Active” I want to show label “A” to save space.