Column to only be editable by an action but visible in a form

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My question is how to I set an editable if condition that will only allow columns to be edited by an action that has been triggered by a workflow rule? Does the system have a equivalent to a USEREMAIL() that I can use.

My app is creating timesheets via a workflow rule at the start of every month for the prior month. It is setting the Year, month and employee name. This is the only way the app can create a timesheet and I don’t want those 3 fields to be edited by the users. How do I allow the rule to edit those fields automatically, but still allow the user to see the columns in the form and not allow them to edit them.

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You can use the CONTEXT() function in the Editable If property on each data column to allow editing only when NOT in the view (or views… if more than one).

An example might be:

CONTEXT("View") <> "My Form View Name"

If you have more than one view to “lock down” the editing then you can use an expression like this:

         {"Form View 1", "Form View 2", "Form View 3",...}

Also, note that if you are using the table view Quick Edit, you would want to include that view as well.

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Editable_If = CONTEXT(“ViewType”) <> “Form”
That’s how I usually do it.

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Yes, @Marc_Dillon 's method is better to prevent editing in ALL Forms.

Then you can add any other specific views if needed using the CONTEXT(“View”) <> … (e.g. such as a specific table view if turned on its Quick Edit feature )

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Setting Editable? (Editable_If) to the expression FALSE prohibits all user modification (e.g., in forms or with Quick Edit) while still allowing all app-driven modifications (e.g., with actions, app formulas, and initial values).

Setting Editable? to OFF (the setting, not an expression) prohibits all modification to the column.


Really? I was not aware of that, good to know.

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Wow! Thanks @Steve! I didn’t know either. Now I truly have something I can add to the “what I learned this week” post!!