Column Type Details not saving as "Buttons" input mode

I have a column setup as an Enum type in my “Data” table. This gives the user a selection of associated “Reasons” from my “Reasons” table when filling in a form. The Reasons table corresponding field is a Text data type field.

When I select “Buttons” in the Input mode of the Type Details section, it allows me to select it and I click “Done” and save the app, but then once the save is finished the Input mode has reverted back to “Dropdown”.

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Hi Owen @ziggyb were you able to figure this one out? I have the same problem

Are you sure to set the type details to BUTTON? rather than auto, you mean?


Yeah I am sure I used button.
I found somewhere else that is related with the “allow other values” setting but when I remove it I get this error.

Sounds a bug. Could you report to

By email?

Seemingly the button setting is ignored when we add new value to it.


I think I got it!
I was missing the data validity setting!

So the case is closed now, great.

It is thank you so much for replying!

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