Column Type for Weekday

I have a filter that looks at what weekday it is. (Sun=1,Mon=2,etc)
The column type has to be date for the “SERVICE DAY” in order for this to work.

My issue is when I try to add data from inside the app it requires the entry to be 00/00/0000 format… So I can’t use the add action from inside the app as I would need the input to be a number 1-7. Has anyone encountered this issue or know how to fix this?

I don’t understand what your issue is. Are you wanting to enter a date for [Service Day] column, or not?

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In order to get the filter to work properly the column type had to be set to date. In my data sheet though I have a number correlated with the day of the week, so for all my clients on Monday they have 2 in the column data. So my recurring clients populate automatically based upon the day of the week. However, if I wanted to add a client from a form in the app it requires a date to be entered. So I would like in a form to be able to enter 2, without getting an error. I tried changing the column type to text and number and the filter expression doesn’t work when I do that. In a perfect world, I’d like to have a enum of 1-7 and have the WEEKDAY([SERVICE DAY])=WEEKDAY(Today()) expression work properly.

So then you just need to change your expression. Use [service day] instead of WEEKDAY([service day])


Thanks @Marc_Dillon! That worked perfectly!

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