Column Type: Progress Is it possible to add e...

Column Type: Progress Is it possible to add extra values to the “Progress” Column type?

Currently there is only: Empty, Quarter, Half, Three Quarter, Full.

I would like to add: One Third, Two Third.

I tried adding it on my own but it didn’t work. Is this something that can be added please?

@Mark_Tuckey, you may want to just define your own Enum column type. The default version is identical to what is supported by Smartsheet.

@praveen I don’t understand. I’m trying to get the pie chart icon with more progress variables. Can I assign my own icons to an enum value type without any text being displayed?

When using the Progress column, the values are not automatically filled in, which gave the impression you could use your own values, but they’re all invalid unless you use the 6 values listed in Mark’s post. This could be avoided if the Progress column automatically populated its enum values with the ones allowed and didn’t allow additions.

Seriously! of your only allowed 6 types why isnt there a little shout out message or an automatically populated field?